Can You Quote Dictionary Definition?

To cite a dictionary definition in APA Style, you should start with the author of the dictionary, followed by the publication year, the word you’re citing, and the URL.

Do you need permission to quote a dictionary?

You can quote directly if you include the quote marks. Most of the time, you should still cite the existing definition if you reword it.

Should I quote a dictionary definition in my essay?

If you want your reader to know the exact definition of a word you’ve used in your essay, you should include a citation in the dictionary. References are like dictionaries and encyclopedias as secondary sources. Primary sources are more likely to be used in your essay.

Are dictionary definitions copyrighted?

Every dictionary is a work of art. You can use all the words in the dictionary, but older editions may be out of copyright due to their age. It is against the law to copy more than a few words from a current dictionary.

Can you quote definitions?

It is part of your work to include definitions. The source of your definition is just as important as the source of other information. It will give you credibility and you won’t have to worry about plagiarizing. The amount of research you do on the topic can be shown by citing definitions.


Can I cite a dictionary in a paper?

The first two or three words of the title of the entry should be included in the in-text citation. The title of the entry should have quotation marks on it, with each word beginning with a capital letter.

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How do you in text cite a dictionary definition?

APA’s standard in-text citation guidelines include the first part of the reference and the year if you want to create an in-text citation for a dictionary entry. It’s possible that your in-text citations look like this: (Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 1999) or Onomatopoeia.

Can you use a dictionary definition in an essay?

Dictionary definitions can be used in essays. You won’t fail if you use one, but you won’t be a good student either.

How do I quote a dictionary definition in my essay MLA?

Part of speech is words. The number is defined. The name of the edition and publisher of the dictionary. The page has a number on it.

Can I cite Oxford dictionary?

If you want to cite the author’s last name, here’s how to do it. Title of Entry is what it is. The title is edited by the Editor’s First Name Last Name. The publisher’s volume number is the year of publication.

Is Webster’s dictionary copyrighted?

The Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary is now in the public domain, thanks to the efforts of MICRA, Inc.

Is a dictionary a legal document?

A dictionary is an authority in a case. Just as a congressional hearing can be used to better understand the intent of a specific law, a law dictionary can be used to improve the meaning of a general word.

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