Can Novel Kars Beat Zeno?

How strong is novel Kars?

Kars becomes an absolutely powerful entity capable of storing the DNA of every living creature known to man, as well as being able to grow wings and fly, when he uses the stone mask.

Who beats novel Kars?

Kars is the leader of the Pillar Men and he wants to be the ultimate lifeform and conquer the sun. He is going to do everything he can to achieve this goal. He was blasted to Mars after being defeated by Joseph Joestar.

Can novel Kars copy stands?

joestar kars can copy stands, but he’s much stronger than canon kars, so it’s not a good sign. It’s called Kars and it’s the ultimate form of life. He doesn’t use a stand because a stand is a spiritual power, rather than a carnal one.

Can Kars copy anything?

“Kars are capable of copying their powers.” In the non-canon light novelJorge Joestar, Kars has this ability, but he doesn’t belong in the canon. When he used Hamon, the closest he came was.

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What is novel Kars tier?

At least 8-C, 8-B, and 6-B are included in the tier. Kars is the name of the person. The name of the adventure is JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and it is male.

Is Kars pure evil?

Is it possible that he is close to being pure evil? He wanted to rule over humans as a god because he thought they were lower beings.

Does Kars have a weakness?

Kars is impervious to all forms of damage. He is more beautiful than a Greek sculpture because he is self- sustaining. His previous weakness to UV light is no longer a problem.

Who is ultimate Dio?

The boss of Ultimate Dio is not known to the public. There is a great video explaining the steps that need to be taken to summon him. He can’t be summoned by the public.

Is Kars the strongest Jojo villain?

The first two parts of the series have lost their villains. Kars is a strong villain in the series. Kars became unstoppable after becoming the ultimate life form.

Can Kars manifest a Stand?

It’s called Kars and it’s the ultimate life form. His body is a part of the universe. Stand powers can be awakened by the Viruses that allow for them. He could have any and all of the stands he wanted.

How strong is light novel Dio?

It is so hard to pierce through human flesh that it can be used as a weapon. Vaporization freezing can be done by lowering the temperature of the body.

Does Kars have made in heaven?

Kars was unaffected by Made in Heaven and was shocked when a second Kars landed on Mars. Every universe made by Made in Heaven had a single variable that was constant, and that was Joseph sending Kars into outer space.

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Is Kars good or evil?

Kars is one of the two main villains in the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series. He is one of the two main antagonists of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood as well as the main villain.

Is Kars a good person?

Many of the villains in JoJo have become famous over the years. The villain is often considered to be an average person. The villain is named Kars from the Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency.

Is novel Kars the strongest character?

He has a lot of power. Novel Kars is so powerful that it’s overpowering. The strongest stands in the franchise are wielded by him.

How powerful is Kars ultimate?

His IQ is said to be 400 after he transforms into the Ultimate Life Form. Kars is able to sense the heat and air pressure around him.

Is Kars the strongest Jojo villain?

The first two parts of the series have lost their villains. The strongest villain in the series is Kars. Kars became unstoppable after becoming the ultimate life form.

Is Kars the strongest pillar man?

Who is the strongest man? Wammu is the strongest normally, but ultimate kars is higher than that. There is a person named Kars. Before he became Ultimate, he was able to tank an entire battalion of UV, cut Stroheim in half, fall off a cliff and stop the tide.

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