Can Novel Kars Beat Giorno?

No one would be the winner. It wouldn’t be able to come to an agreement. Giorno is unable to kill Kars.

Is novel Kars the strongest JoJo character?

Can you tell me how strong the novel Kars is? Novel Kars is more busted than Heaven DIO who could warp reality on a multiversal scale. His ability to comprehend, copy and improve upon his ability is his most valuable asset.

Which JoJo character can beat Kars?

Bruno is one of the few Stand users who have been able to break Kars’ defenses. The mobster’s inability to see how strong his opponent is would make him a likely target.

Can novel Kars beat DIO over heaven?

The DIO defeated the Ultimate Kars with no effort. Kars can’t see stands so he can’t fight on the offensive side. Kars’ skull could be shattered by The World Over Heaven. Kars will regenerate from DIO’s actions.

Does novel Kars have Ger?

I’m not sure if Kars can resist the 0 null because the rules there are different. Any Kars’ Stand that tries to pull is nulled. GER has a mind of its own and probably won’t leave Giorno, so it’s unlikely that Kars can evolve from this.

Can ultimate Kars beat Goku?

There is no genetic component to the Kaioken or Ultra Instinct that would allow him to beat Goku.

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What is Kars IQ?

His IQ is said to be 400 after he transforms into the Ultimate Life Form. Kars is able to sense the heat and air pressure around him through his antennae.

Is Kars the strongest Hamon user?

The Battle Tendency has Kars as its main villain. He was able to get the status of the perfect being. The IQ of Kars was 400. He could use the form of Hamon. The intensity of the sun and the strength of his Hamon were similar to that of Joseph’s.

Is Kars the strongest Jojo villain?

The first two parts of the series have lost their villains. The strongest villain in the series is Kars. Kars became unstoppable after becoming the ultimate life form.

Is novel Kars canon?

The incarnation of J-Universe Kars that is this profile is not the same as the one in the movie. Kars is the Ultimate Lifeform, which means he can have more than one Stand and quotes.

What if Kars got a Stand?

If Kars were to get a stand, it would have the ability of every stand in existence, because a stand is a reflection of you, and if you are the ultimate life form, than you also.

Who is stronger DIO vs Kars?

Kars is more powerful than dio. Heaven ascension is the only way for dio to beat kars. Heaven ascension has the ability to rewrite anything it hurts. Kars can’t beat him but the originaldio loses.

How is novel Kars defeated?

Kars is the leader of the Pillar Men and he wants to be the ultimate lifeform and conquer the sun. He is going to do everything he can to achieve this goal. He was blasted to Mars after being defeated by Joestar.

Does Kars ever return?

DIO used his stand “The World” to stop time, relentlessly attack Kars, and then Kars regenerated. At least 3 seconds is needed to use DIO again.

Can Meruem beat Kars?

There is a person named Kars. Meruem is stronger than they were before the Rose Bomb. He’s dead when Meruem’s Nen fails, because he doesn’t come close to Kars’ stamina. It is significant that Kars is quicker than Meruem.

Does Kars have a Stand?

With his power level, Kars could use the “arrow” to wake up his stand ability, or he could develop a stand ability of his own.

Is novel Kars stronger than Goku?

There is a person named “Goyal.” Before Kars can even comprehend that he did something, he will be obliterated by the power of Goku. An in-character Goku wouldn’t beat Kars immediately, as he doesn’t fight like that.

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How fast can made in heaven go?

The Glint-Glint fruit is able to move at a speed of light. In the case of Made In Heavens, it has infinite speed. The speed at which Made In Heaven can go is unlimited. A new universe can be created by Made In Heaven being so fast.

How strong is DIO over heaven?

With a very low difficulty, Dio over Heaven can rewrite reality. Madara’s ability to DIO can be erased from existence. Madara can’t do anything about DIO.

Is Star Platinum a Kars?

The design of Star Platinum was to look like a guardian spirit. The shoulder pads are similar to those worn in the movie. The spiral patterns are related to the idea of infinite.

Is Kars stronger than Wamuu?

Kars can cause a lot of damage when he lodges his blades into Wamuu, as he did when he sliced Robo Stroheim in half. I’m giving Kars the advantage because it is a close match.

What is the weakest Stand?

According to DIO, the “weakest” Stand is Survivor, which travels across wet surfaces and stimulates the human limbic system with a small electric potential and an otherwise negligible current, which is said to increase an individual’s anger or fighting spirit.

Does Jotaro know Hamon?

It is not possible to say yes. Jotaro does not need the training in the art of Hamon that he has. It’s useful for helping the user do extraordinary things and it’s also useful for killing the vampire.

Can Kars beat Pucci?

Even though pucci can’t use hamon, he can still kill kars.

Why is JORGE JOESTAR so strong?

The light-novel JORGE JOESTAR has some non-canon information. The ability to manipulate his destiny, known as Trinity, is unlocked later in the novel, and it fills him with power, wisdom, and courage.

Is JJBA light novel canon?

Several well-known authors wrote their own stories about the series, which was published in a majority of the books. The Light Novels may or may not be considered canon because they are not written by Hirohiko Araki.

What anime is Kars from?

Kars is the main villain in the second part of the Bizarre Adventure. The Pillar Men are led by him.

Can Jotaro beat ultimate Kars?

Even if they were to time stop, Kars would regen from it, not to mention that he could travel at the speed of light and be powerful.

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Can Star Platinum beat Kars?

Kars can’t see stands, but star Platinum can. Even if he decides to send him to space, he doesn’t have to have the power to do it. Someone won’t be leaving the atmosphere because Star Platinums punches are strong.

Who is stronger DIO or Giorno?

Giorno Giovanna is DIO’s own son. At the end of Golden Wind, Giorno’s Stand, Gold Experience, became the most ridiculous Stand in the entire series.

Can Kars beat Diavolo?

Kars is likely to win. Even if Dio and Diavolo did enough damage to kill him, he would still be unkillable.

How did Kars get made in heaven?

After Kars’s Whitesnake Ultimate was stabbed with the Arrow, the Stand was transformed into C-Moon Ultimate Requiem. The Stand evolved into Made in HeavenUltimateRequiem.

What is Kars Stand in JORGE JOESTAR?

The light novel JORGE JOESTAR features an enhanced version of Whitesnake, created by Kars. A flood of discs fall out of the Pillar Man when the Whitesnake is used.

Is Pucci a priest?

The priest is a fanatic who believes in a heretical idea of God’s will. When he was a teenager, Pucci tried his best to follow his faith and become a priest. The most talked about force was God’s will and Fate.

How does Enrico Pucci have 3 Stands?

The Jojo stand has an op ability that allows it to control gravity. This can be used to make Pucci more mobile, and he has used it in combat as he reverses blood flow. He can speed up time by himself because of his control. He’s had three stands in his life.

Is King Crimson stronger than Star Platinum?

Araki said that Star Platinum was the strongest stand. The attack rush from Star Platinum is better than the one from King.

How strong is D4C?

It is possible to have abilities. D4C is a powerful stand. It is a close-range Stand that has strength and speed. When D4C came out of Hot Pants’ side and impaled her, it was the most impressive show of strength that it had.

Is King Crimson stronger than the world?

King crimson is not as strong as the world is. A is for strength and speed and E is forDurability. We know that King crimson can’t make a hole in the ground, but he can kill someone. The world is A for all statistics, but that doesn’t mean anything.

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