Can Book Of Everything Be Used On Heroes?

The Book of Everything is the most powerful book and can be used to upgrade anything.

What should I use the Book of everything on?

Books of everything are just cards and you can use them to skip things. I recommend either heroes, troops or buildings, depending on the situation. I am using a weird bowitch pekka combo.

Can you use books of Heroes on pets?

Magic items can be used to upgrade Hero Pets. They can be upgraded using Book of Heroes or a Hammer of Heroes, just like your Heroes.

Does Book of fighting upgrade Heroes?

The Book of Fighting is a book that allows the player to instantly complete any troop upgrade within the Star Laboratory. It can be applied to any troop, but not the Siege Machine.

When should I use my book of Heroes?

The book of heroes is not as good as how quickly you can grow food. It isn’t useful for below 40 because you aren’t cutting enough days. If you have free heroes you can use a book of heroes.

Does Book of books work on Champions?

The Book of Books can be used on magic items that are not themed around the champion. The Book of Books is the only magic item that can be used to add cards.

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Which Pet is best for which hero in COC?

Once the Pet House has been upgraded to level 4, the Unicorn can be unlocked. The Unicorn is capable of healing both ground and air based heroes.

Does a Book of everything work on buildings?

Book of everything is the most powerful book and can be used to upgrade any building, troop, or hero.

Can you use a Book of building on a Hero?

Any building upgrade within the Home Village or Builder Base can be completed instantly by the player with the Book of Building. It can be used on any building or trap. It can’t be used to upgrade Hero or any other upgrade within the laboratory.

What does Hammer of heroes do?

Any hero in either village can be upgraded by using the Hammer of Heroes. It can be bought for 165 league medals and 100 gems.


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