9 Best Marvel Comics With Galactus

Galactus The Devourer (Galactus The Devourer (1999))

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Ultimate Galactus Vol. 2: Ultimate Secret

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Fantastic Four: Behold…Galactus! Marvel Select Edition

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Mighty Thor #6 “The Finale of the Galactus Seed”

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Ultimate Galactus Trilogy

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Ultimate Galactus Vol. 1: Nightmare (Ultimate Nightmare)

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Fantastic Four Epic Collection: The Coming Of Galactus (Fantastic Four (1961-1996))

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Silver Surfer Epic Collection: When Calls Galactus

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Ultimate Galactus Vol. 3: Extinction (Ultimate Extinction)

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Who defeated Galactus in comics?

Galactus stripped Terrax of his power and cast him out, even though Terrax hoped the Fantastic Four could defeat him. Reed organized efforts to save Galactus as he lay dying.

Is Marvel bringing Galactus?

After Disney acquired the bulk of Fox’s film and TV assets in the Disney-Fox deal, it’s only a matter of time before the Great Destroyer shows up in the MCU, possibly as the next Thanos figure.

What is Galactus the God of?

One of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe is Galactus and he has godlike powers. His powers are beyond what most people can measure.

Who wins Thor or Galactus?

The universe was left open to an attack by a demonic villain as a result of Galactus’s death by using the entity’s own power against him.

Is that Galactus in Thor?

Although Galactus isn’t in the movie, the entity’s connection to Galactus could be a sign that he’s going to join the MCU soon.

Who is bigger Galactus or Celestials?

Galactus is one of the most powerful entities in the comic book world.

Who’s stronger Captain Marvel or Galactus?

Galactus’ powers are omnipotent because he was around before the creation of the universe. With little effort, he can destroy and create life, making him little threat toGalactus.

Is Odin a Celestial?

There is no other Asgardian who seems to have the power that Odin does. Unlike Peter’s dad, who used his power to create a race of people, he used his power to create a group of people. The eternal flame gave the fire giant his power core, which allowed him to become huge.

Who is the strongest than Galactus?

The Beyonder was the most powerful of all of them. Galactus, one of the beings brought to Battleworld by the Beyonder, promised the winning side whatever they wanted.

Which hero can defeat Galactus?

The “Old Power” is his most important attribute. Skaar can control the different elements of the Earth by absorbing the energy of entire cities. Skaar was able to defeat Galactus.

Can Avengers defeat Galactus?

Galactus, an all-powerful Cosmic entity who consumes entire worlds, can be beaten by one surprising Avenger according to a new report. Galactus isn’t completely invulnerable to attack because he isn’t as powerful as some other beings.

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