9 Best Dictionary For Warren

Dictionary of Nautical Terms: Summer 2021 Edition

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Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet (Dover Books on Dance)

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The Chambers Dictionary, 13th Edition

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Mickelson Clarified Dictionary of New Testament Greek, MCT: A Hebraic-Koine Greek to English Dictionary of the Clarified Textus Receptus (Proclaimer)

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The New-Method Speller: Based Upon The Latest Revision Of Webster’s International Dictionary, Arranged In Accordance With The Laws Of Association (1892)

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Dictionary of Prehistoric Indian Artifacts of the American Southwest

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Orthography: Comprising Phonics, Dictionary Work, And Spelling (1918)

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WG & L tax dictionary

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A Dictionary of Australian Music

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Whats the definition of a warren?

The area where rabbits breed is called 2a(1). The rabbits are kept in a structure. A crowded tenement or district can be described as a maze of passageways.

Why is a rabbit hole called a warren?

The raising of rabbits for meat and fur is done in a domestic warren. The medieval Anglo-Norman concept of free warren was akin to a hunting license for a woodland.

Is it a rabbit hole or warren?

The warren is a network of underground tunnels where rabbits live, and is where Bugs Bunny escaped when he ran away from Fudd. rabbits live in the maze like tunnels of a warren There are warrens of subway tunnels and bomb shelters.

How old is the name warren?

The first year that the U.S. government began tracking naming trends was at the beginning of the 19th century. The name was very popular in the late 19th century.

How do you use warren in a sentence?

Warren can be used in a sentence. He was living with his uncle after his father’s death.

What is a warren of rabbits?

There are tunnels where rabbits live. You can get lost very easily in a place with a lot of connected rooms and passages. The corridors of the Pentagon are covered in rabbits.

What is another name of ivy?

Hedera is a group of 12 to 15 species of evergreen climbing or ground-creeping plants that are native to western, central and southern Europe, as well as northwestern Africa and central-southern Asia east.

How many rabbits are in a warren?

During the long days of summer, rabbits come out in the daytime. Up to 30 rabbits use the same warren, and there are different social groups. The social hierarchy within large groups is different.

What group of animals is called a warren?

Rabbits can be colonies or warrens. The animals look at you. Rats are colonies, packs or swarms. Rattlesnakes are referred to as rhumba. The Ravens are an unkind people.

What do you call a family of rabbits?

A colony or nest is a group of rabbits that live together. A group of baby rabbits are referred to as a litter and a group of rabbits are referred to as a herd.

Do rabbits live in a warren?

There is a place called Habitat. The habitats of rabbits include meadow, woods, forests, grassland, deserts and wetlands. The European Rabbit is the best known species and is found in underground burrows or rabbit holes. A group of burrows are called warrens.

Where did warren come from?

A place called Varenne, a hamlet near Arques-la-Bataille, is where the name Warren comes from.

What sound does a warrens make?

Speak out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them.

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