9 Best Dictionary For Turbulence

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What is the meaning of turbulence?

Irregular atmospheric motion is characterized by up and down currents.

What is the meaning of turbulence in Oxford dictionary?

A situation where there is a lot of sudden change, trouble, argument and sometimes violence.

What is Webster’s Dictionary definition of turbulent?

Turbulent tr-by-lnt is related to turbulent.

What is an example of turbulence?

Blood flow in arteries, oil transport in pipelines, lava flow, atmosphere and ocean currents, and the flow through pumps and turbine are some of the examples of turbulent flow.

What are the three types of turbulence?

Turbulence is caused by the irregular movement of the air flow in a plane. There are three types of turbulence: mechanical turbulence, turbulence mats and thermal turbulence.

What are the two types of turbulence?

Slow low level winds can be caused by Friction and air turbulence. There are two different types of turbulence.

What is emotional turbulence?

Experiencing a lot of stress, anger, and irritation towards someone. Being emotionally vulnerable and sensitive is something that I feel.

What is a turbulent situation?

A lot of change, confusion, and disorder can be found in a turbulent place. They had been together for a long time and had been through a lot.

Does turbulence mean conflict?

Turbulent means chaotic and disorganized. A time of war can be difficult to navigate. If your family moves and your parents divorce, that could be considered a turbulent time in your history.

What is the difference between turbulence and turbulent?

The flow turbulence is dominated by the structures and events of the river. The average flow turbulence contains less energy than a turbulent event.

Is it safe to fly in turbulence?

When flying through turbulence, passengers are at risk of falling. It is possible to prevent this by paying attention to your cabin crew, only moving around the cabin when it is safe to do so, and storing your carry-on items correctly.

What does turbulence mean on a flight?

Turbulence is something to ask about. Turbulence is caused by the disruption in the air current that helps the plane fly. A sudden loss of altitude can be caused by turbulence.

Why do planes drop during turbulence?

Turbulence can be very dangerous and can cause over stress on the aircraft or lose of control. As much as 2000 to 6000 feet may be the height of the storm’s vertical current.

What causes turbulence flying?

Turbulence is a normal occurrence and nothing to be afraid of. The Federal Aviation Administration says the movement is caused by “atmospheric pressure, jet streams, air around mountains, cold or warm weather fronts, or storms.”

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