7 Best Christian Fiction For 11 Year Olds

The Girl Who Looked Beyond The Stars (Sheena Meyer)

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The Feather Chase: (The Crime-Solving Cousins Mysteries Book 1)

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Greyson Gray: Camp Legend (The Greyson Gray Series)

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The Girl Who Became A Warrior (Sheena Meyer)

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Friendship or Fame: Mia Finds Her Voice (A chapter book for girls aged 8-12 about friendship and singing in the choir) (Step-By-Step)

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Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. (Richard Jackson Book)

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What is a good book series for an 11 year old?

There are many adventures to be had in series like Wings of Fire, Harry Potter, and others. Tween readers want stories that reflect their everyday life with tales of friendship, middle school drama, and more, which is why there are incredible series for them.

Who is the best Christian fiction writer?

The impact that these Christian fiction authors have on the Christian and literary world is ranked by their fame, notoriety, and impact.

Are Magic Tree House books Christian?

Magic Tree House is one of the books in the Christian series.

What is considered Christian fiction?

Christian faith-based publishers assign the category of “Christian fiction” to their books.

How Long Should 11 year olds read a day?

According to teachers, students should be reading between 15 minutes and 1 hour a day outside of school, but most of their students are not reading that much.

What is religious novel?

Literature with a religious element is called religious fiction. Experts only consider religious fiction to be religious fiction if it addresses religious elements in the actual work.

What does the M in Magic Tree House stand for?

Christmas in Camelot is the first book in the second group, called the Magic Tree House: Merlin Missions. Jack and Annie are given tasks by a wizard.

Is religious fiction a genre?

There are stories in the religious fiction genre that are similar to those in the inspiring genre, except that Christianity is not required.

Should an 11 year old read the Hunger Games?

The book has a grade of 5.3 and is rated for 11 to 13 year olds. Some parents are concerned about violence in The Hunger Games. There is a lot of stuff in the book. The games in which children kill children are the focus of a large part of the plot.

Is War and Peace appropriate for a 12 year old?

Children under the age of 12 will not understand it. It is an exploration of morality, life, and society during this time. There is a lot of beauty in it, as the characters find peace and love during times of war and hardship, but a lot of this would be lost to younger viewers.

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