10 Best Christian Books For Girl Tweens

Rising Above: Teen Devotional for Girls: Prayers and Activities to Help Manage Anxiety

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Preteen Devotional for Girls: 52 Weeks of Encouraging Devotions and Scripture for Tweens

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You’re God’s Girl!: A Devotional for Tweens

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A Girl After God’s Own Heart: A Tween Adventure with Jesus

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You’re God’s Girl! Coloring Book (God’s Girl Coloring Books for Tweens)

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For Girls Like You Coloring Book (God’s Girl Coloring Books for Tweens)

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199 Favorite Bible Verses for Teens – Gift Book

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Who Am I and Why Do I Matter?: (Helps Christian youth grow in faith and confidence by looking at what the Bible says about identity) (Big Questions)

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AHHHH I’m So Bored! Hoppy Easter Activity Book for Teens Made By Teens: 102 Pages of Mandala Coloring, Word Searches, Dots and Boxes, Sudoku, Mazes, and More; gift for teens tweens 11-17

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The Power of a Praying Girl

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What should I read if I like the Wingfeather saga?

If you like The Wingfeather Saga, or it sounds like something you want to do, I recommend The Wilderking Trilogy. It is similar to The Wingfeather Saga in that it is war, kids, heroes, and sort of faith based. It retells the story of David from the Bible, and God is a part of it.

Is Narnia based off of Jesus?

Ward said that the whole series was about Christ. The life of Christ is compared in three books. Christ is depicted as a creator, a redeemer and a judge in the novels. Christ’s figure of Aslan isn’t obvious in the other books.

What did Tolkien think of Chronicles of Narnia?

However, he conceded that there was value in the books for other people, even though he was indifferent to Narnia. All other reasons are based on someone else’s opinion, though that doesn’t mean they aren’t valid.

What age is appropriate for Wingfeather saga?

If your kids are between the ages of eight and fourteen, you should read these books with them.

What age group is green ember for?

For readers from about eight or nine years of age, this book is a good choice. There are plenty of opportunities for discussion, mapping and cooking around the book but, of course, it should be enjoyed first.

What book series should I read after Percy Jackson?

Riordan’s other series is the first place to start if you want to read books like Percy Jackson. The Magnus Chase stories have a lot of inspiration from the myths of the Vikings. Egypt’s myths and legends are covered in The Kane Chronicles, while Greek mythology and Camp Half-Blood are covered in Heroes of Olympus.

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