7 Best Books For Visually Impaired Seniors

Mandala Coloring Book For The Visually Impaired: Creative Activity Workbook for Seniors with Low Vision, Adults, Kids And Teens

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Easy Flowers Coloring Book: Gift For Seniors | Visually Impaired | Low Vision | Dementia | Alzheimers | Relaxation (Easy Coloring)

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Large Print Butterflies Coloring Book For Seniors and Visually Impaired: Clear Butterfly Patterns, 3D Floating Effect, Easy Relaxing Level to Color

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Abstract Patterns – Coloring Book For Visually Impaired: Checkers and Blots – High Contrast, Thick Lines, Easy to Color – NOT Raised Lines

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Visually Impaired Adjusted Coloring Book: Clear Bold Lines, High Contrast Patterns – Easy For Beginners Adults & Teenagers

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Large Print Celtic Knots – Coloring Book For Seniors / Visually Impaired: Large Shapes, Bold Lines, High Contrast

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Scoops Coloring Book – Thick Lines, Clear Patterns For Seniors or Visually Impaired People

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Are RNIB Talking Books free?

The service is completely free. There are more than 34,000 fiction and non fiction books for adults and children.

Can you still get books on tape?

The cassette player and books on tape are lent out by the library in each state. To request an application, you can either call 1 to 800 or go to the National Library Service for the Blind.

How do you get books for the blind?

Every state provides audio and braille books for the blind and visually impaired. You don’t have to have a computer to use the service.

Can you get talking books from the library?

You can get free audiobooks from the library on your phone. If you have a phone, you can borrow books and audiobooks from the library. You don’t have to go inside to read or listen to them. You don’t need anything more than a library card and app.

What is a good hobby for a blind person?

A person who is blind or has low vision can modify many activities to fit their needs.

What equipment do I need to listen to audiobooks?

A device is a phone, mp3 player, or tablets. If you’re a retro person, you should own a Walkman. An app that can be used on a mobile device.

Do Amazon Prime members get free audiobooks?

Prime members have access to freeAudible content thanks to Prime Reading, a service that gives Prime members a rotating library of books and magazines to read as part of their membership.

Where do blind people buy books?

Many products for Canadians who are blind or visually impaired can be found in the CNIB WebStore. The CNIB Library has 80,000 titles that are accessible.

What are books for the blind called?

There has been history. The United States passed a law to give blind people access to books. Prior to audio recordings, books were available in the language of the blind.

What are Talking Books for the blind?

The National Library Service is a talking book service. The National Library Service for Blind and Print Disabled gives free reading materials to people who can’t read regular print because of a disability.

How do I join the RNIB Library?

How do I become a member of the library? You can either download the form or email it to the hotline where it will be processed. We are able to register you over the phone. You just need to call the hotline.

What is a talking book player?

A Talking Book player is a device that plays audio books on CD, memory card or a stick. There are three different types of devices – portable, portable and desktop.

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