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New York City SHSAT Prep 2022 & 2023: 3 Practice Tests + Proven Strategies + Review (Kaplan Test Prep NY)

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New York City SHSAT: 1,200+ Practice Questions

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Kweller Prep NEW SHSAT Mathematics – Second Edition

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Kweller Prep NEW SHSAT Grammar and Reading Second Edition

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SHSAT: New York City Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (Barron’s Test Prep)

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Cracking the New York City SHSAT (Specialized High Schools Admissions Test), 3rd Edition: Fully Updated for the New Exam (State Test Preparation Guides)

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Practice Math Tests For SHSAT

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How to Solve SHSAT Reading Comprehension Problems: Study Guide for the New York City Specialized High School Admissions Test

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Is the SHSAT hard?

What is the score of the SH SAT? Based on the number of questions answered correctly, students receive a raw score and are converted to a scaled score. It is supposed to be very difficult.

How many hours should a 7th grader study?

A minimum of 7 hours of study is needed for the students to pass the exam.

What type of math is on the SHSAT?

Basic math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Factoring, Substitution, Geometry, Basic Coordinate Graphing, and Word Problems are some of the topics that have been tested.

Should you take the SHSAT?

Students who wish to apply to a specialized high school must take the exam. Students who have performed poorly in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades are welcome to take part.

Is the 10th grade SHSAT harder?

It is difficult for a 10th graders to be accepted to a NYC high school.

Is the 9th grade SHSAT harder?

The 9th grade test is more advanced than the 8th grade test in some areas. The 9th grade test may include questions on basic math, which is not covered on the 8th grade test.

What is a good SHSAT score?

The ultimate goal is for you to score 650 on the exam. You should be able to get around 47 questions correct in your stronger area and 40 questions correct in your weaker area.

Can you take the SHSAT twice?

Students are only allowed to take the test twice. If a student is unsuccessful on the test for the first time, they can take it again in grade 9. Those who take it in grade 9 won’t be able to take it again.

What’s the average weight for a 7th grader?

The 50th percentile is 100 pounds. The 50th percentile for girls is over 100 lbs. Depending on genetics, lifestyle, and other factors, the actual figures can be between 75 and 145 pounds.

How hard is it to get to Stuyvesant?

Stuyvesant is the only school in the specialized high school system that does not require a score of 800 on the entrance exam known as the SHSAT. This is the top of the scale.

Should the SHSAT be removed?

The debate over segregation in city schools has turned the SH SAT into a focal point. Black and Hispanic students are less likely to be admitted to college than their white and Asian counterparts. Eliminating the test will hurt the academics of the elite schools.

Is SHSAT all multiple choice?

There are 57 multiple choice questions in the test. The English Language Arts section is divided into two parts. A revising/editing section assesses a student’s ability to recognize and correct language errors.

Are high school students ready for college?

The results show that high school is doing a good job of preparing students for college. More than four out of five people think high school prepared them. Our respondents on a 0 to 10 scale have an average readiness level of 7.1.

Is Staten Island Tech hard to get into?

The admissions process for Staten Island Tech can be difficult. Students need to register for and take the SHSAT in order to apply to the school.

Has anyone got 800 on the SHSAT?

The highest score you can get in the test is 800, meaning you can get up to 400 points. The lowest score is in the 700s. The normal curve is used to score each section.

Is a 600 a good score on the SHSAT?

When students reach a specialized school, they usually have high grades because of their high scores. Freshman grade point averages ranged from 50 to 100 for the majority of students who were admitted with lower SH SAT scores.

Is a 3.0 GPA good in middle school?

If you have a 3.0 grade point average, you can be sure of acceptance at a fair amount of schools with higher admissions rates, but you may not be able to get into a good college. If you want to raise your grade point average and give yourself more options, you need to improve your grades in the junior year.

What is a cutoff score?

A cut-off score is the lowest possible score on an exam, standardized test, high-stakes test, or other form of assessment that a student must earn to either pass or beficient. In some cases, a test may have multiple cut-off scores for different levels of ability.

What is the raw score?

The number is represented by a raw score. A student that answers 20 questions correctly on a test gets a raw score of 20.

Is calculator allowed in SHSAT?

Accommodations won’t include having someone read passages aloud since the test is administered to so many students at once. The use of a calculator in the math section is not allowed given the nature of the computational skills being tested.

How much time should a 13 year old spend on their phone?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no more than two hours of screen time for children and teenagers, and no screen time for children less than 2 years old.

How tall is a 12 year old average?

It’s normal for a child to be shorter or taller than the average height of 12 years old. Your child’s height and growth rate can be influenced by a number of factors.

What height should a 7th grader be?

At 10 years of age, the average girl is 54 inches tall and 72 pounds. At age 12 the average height increases to 59 inches and the weight increases to 95 pounds. Fourteen-year-old girls have an average height of 63 inches and weight of more than 100 pounds.

What is overweight for a 12 year old?

The 50th percentile weight for boys is 89 pounds, while the 12 year old’s weight falls between 67 and 130 pounds.

Is a genius born or made?

Even the biggest dunce can learn from the minds of Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin and Amadeus Mozart.

How do geniuses think?

Referring to ideas and solutions that have worked in the past is what regular people think about. Geniuses look at problems in a new way.

Is the 9th grade SHSAT harder?

There is a difference between the 8th grade SHSAT and the 9th grade SHSAT. It is more competitive than the 8th graders because there are less spots in the schools. If you want to get a higher score on the 9th grade test, you need to aim for it.

Which high school sends the most students to Harvard?

Harvard, MIT, and other Texas public high schools are where most of the students come from. The public Texas high school that sends the most students to Harvard, Cambridge and MIT is located in Austin. Westlake was ranked in the top five.

What type of math is on the SHSAT?

Basic math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Factoring, Substitution, Geometry, Basic Coordinate Graphing, and Word Problems are some of the topics that have been tested.

Is there an essay on SHSAT?

A wrong answer penalty is not included in the format of the SHSAT, which is spread out over three hours. The highest possible score for each section is 350, which leads to a total score of 700.

Does SHSAT have short response?

A low requirement is needed for a full two points in these short response questions.

How do I get into Brooklyn Tech?

To be admitted to Brooklyn Tech, you have to take the Specialized High Schools Test. In November, tens of thousands of eighth and ninth graders take a three hour test to get into specialized high schools. The number of students admitted each year is between 1,900 and 1,950.

What school does Peter Parker go to?

The school is located in New York City. In comic books and other media, it’s often depicted as the high school of Peter Parker, Liz Allan, and the others.

Is Hunter high school better than Stuyvesant?

Hunter College High School is the best school for students who want a stellar and well-rounded education, but it may not be the best school for students who excel in mathematics.

What colleges do Stuyvesant kids go to?

Roughly 25% of Stuyvesant’s top graduates go to Ivy League or other highlyselective colleges.

Why is the SHSAT good?

People who are stronger in one subject are more likely to be rewarded by the SHSAT. To get into one of the specialized high schools of NYC, you only need to get 10 out of 57 questions right on the English, if you’re a math genius.

Can you take the SHSAT twice?

Students are only allowed to take the test twice. If a student is unsuccessful on the test for the first time, they can take it again in grade 9. Those who take it in grade 9 won’t be able to take it again.

Does Brooklyn Tech look at your grades?

The highest score in the exams will be used by Tech. All grades for the exams will be shown in transcripts.

Does Brooklyn Tech have dress code?

Is the school’s dress code enforced? Students are advised to dress in a responsible manner, appropriate for an educational environment, despite the fact that there is no uniform. Appropriate attire includes pants/ shorts/skirts that are longer than mid-thigh in length.

How do I survive the first day of high school?

If you have trouble sleeping, try to get to bed a bit earlier. The first day of high school is the night before. A good breakfast is what you should have. It’s a good idea to have a good breakfast before your first day.

How high school doesn’t prepare you for the real world?

The skills necessary to thrive in their adult life are not taught in high school. Most students don’t know how to pay bills, budget money, or even how credit cards and interest rates work, which can have a negative effect on later on in life.

What percent of high school students do not feel prepared for the real world?

A survey by the Association of American Colleges and Universities shows that only 55 percent of high school students feel prepared to enter the real world.

Should I retake the SHSAT?

Is it a good idea to take the SHSAT again? If you didn’t like what you saw on the test in 8th grade, you can take it again the following year. It is a good idea to consider your original score when making a decision on whether to take the test again.

What is the acceptance rate for Stuyvesant High School?

Fewer than 4% of those who take the test qualify for admission to Stuyvesant, which accepts less applicants than Harvard, M.I.T., or any other school.

Is 500 a good SHSAT score?

To be on track for admission into all of the specialized high schools, students need to have at least 400 by the start of 7th grade, 500 by the end of 7th grade and 600 by the start of 8th grade. By the time you take the exam, you want to have scored a 650 in your final practice.

Why is the SHSAT so hard?

The purpose of the SHSAT is to predict performance at a small group of highly rigorous high schools. The relationship between state or national standards and the content of a 6th or 7th grade classroom is not as close as it could be.

Has anyone got 800 on the SHSAT?

The highest score you can get in the test is 800, meaning you can get up to 400 points. The lowest score is in the 700s. The normal curve is used to score each section.

Can you use calculator on SHSAT?

Students have 75 minutes to complete the math section of the test. The calculator can’t be used on the test.

Is a 5.0 GPA good?

If your school uses a scale of 5 or 6 points, you want to be closer to the values. The average grade for high school students in the United States is a B, which equates to a 3.0 high school grade point average. If you have a higher grade point average, you’re off to a great start.

Do colleges look at 7th grade?

Colleges won’t look at your grades in middle school. Your high school transcript will show the grades you received in high school. I hope this is the answer to your question. Your counselors know more than you do, but middle school grades do not affect your college application.

Who cut off score?

Weighted sensitivity and specificity are acceptable when summing up all WHO-5 studies for the screening of depression. Screening for clinical depression can be done with a WHO-5 cut-off score.

Is the SAT a IQ test?

It’s not a test of intelligence. It is not close to it. The breadth and depth of the curriculum the students have been exposed to in school will be linked directly to the developed reasoning skills measured on the SAT.

How do 11th graders prepare for SAT?

Don’t miss this post if you want to get your test prep going and start 11th grade on the right foot.

Can you have a negative z-score?

The data point is below average according to a negative Z- score. The data point is close to average according to az-score. If the data point’s Z-score is above 3 or below 3 it will be considered unusual.

What is the 25th percentile?

The first, or lower, quartile is called the 25th Percentile. 25% of the answers are below the 25th percentile, and 75% of the answers are above it.

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