7 Best Books For Little Black Girls

I Am a Super Girl!: An Acorn Book (Princess Truly)

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ABC Positive Affirmations for Young Black and Brown Girls: Empowering Words to Inspire Girls and Remind Them of Their Inner Strength, Beauty, Power, … (Black Girl Books With Positive Affirmations)

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I Need You to Know: The ABC’s of Black Girl Magic

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Hey Little Brown Girl

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I Am: Black Girl Coloring Book With Positive Affirmations: Build Your Child’s Confidence and Self-Esteem | African American Book for Kids (Black Girl Books With Positive Affirmations)

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I Am One of a Kind: Positive Affirmations for Brown Girls | African American Children | Books for Black Girls (Black Girl Books With Positive Affirmations)

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Hair Love

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What is 1000BlackGirlBooks?

The #1000BlackGirlBooks campaign was created by 11-year old Marley Dias, who was frustrated by the lack of representation in children’s books. The Main Library started promoting this campaign in order to create a collection that lasted over two years.

Can most 4 year olds read?

At four and five years of age, your child is likely to begin to develop some basic reading skills, such as phonemic awareness and sight words. It is possible for your child to know how to spell his or her name and recognize the letters of the alphabet.

Can a four year old read chapter books?

There are less illustrations in chapter books than there are in early readers’ picture books. When children are 7 or 8 years old, they are ready to start reading chapter books.

Why is Marley Dias important?

One of the many young people changing the world for the better is the 16-year-old activist and founder of the # 1000 Black Girl Books campaign. She started the organization to increase access to and recognition of books with Black female protagonists when she was in middle school.

What does Marley Dias believe in?

I think activism is the best way to change the world. It’s important that you push to change social structures in your community. Girls of color and young women need to be treated with respect.

What is Marley Dias known for?

The author of Marley Dias Gets It Done: And So Can You! is a 16-year-old founder of # 1000 Black Girl Books. The NEA’s ambassador is to read across America. The host and executive producer of a show about black people.

How can you tell if a book is age appropriate for a child?

Matching your child’s age to the reading level printed on the back of a book is easy if you find an age-appropriate book. If your child is 10 years old, you can look for books in the 9 to 12 age group.

What age is my children’s book for?

Early readers are four to eight years of age. There are first chapter books and graphic novels for young people. Middle grade novels and graphic novels are included in the age range of 8 to 12. Young adult novels and graphic novels can be found in this age range.

What age do kids like books?

Babies may look at, touch, and mouth books. By 9 months, they may be able to tell a story or recognize a picture. Sometimes your baby will mouth books.

Are board books good for 4 year olds?

The board books for kids are the best for young readers. Board books are usually used by our youngest and most impressionable readers. The ideal age for kids board books is between the ages of infant and 4 years old.

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