7 Best Books For Jdbc

Easy Learning JDBC + MySQL: JDBC for Beginner’s Guide (Easy learning Java and Design Patterns and Data Structures and Algorithms Book 4)

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Easy Learning JDBC + Oracle: JDBC for Beginner’s Guide (Easy learning Java and Design Patterns and Data Structures and Algorithms Book 6)

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JDBC 4.2, Servlet 3.1, and JSP 2.3 Includes JSF 2.2 and Design Patterns, Black Book, 2ed

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Jdbc, Servlets, And Jsp Black Book, New Edition

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Jdbc Api Tutorial and Reference

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JDBC Pocket Reference

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Expert Oracle JDBC Programming

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Is JDBC easy to learn?

JDBC Connection, Data Source, Statement, PreparedStatement, CallableStatement, Result Set, Row Set, etc are some of the classes that are provided by the API. It is not easy to write a code in java.


Through the Java code, we can connect to our database with the help of JDBC. We can easily run our query, statement, and also data fetch from the database with the help of the java database interface.

Is JDBC worth learning?

Different projects can be developed by different programmers, and the technology may not be unified at the company level. Mybatis can be used for a single project. Even if an ORM framework is used, it still needs to learn how to use a layer on a database.


Java programs can access database management systems with the help of the JavaSoft specification. The Java programming language is used to write the interface and classes in the JDBCAPI.

What is difference between JDBC and ODBC?

A database that is compatible with all languages is referred to as an open database, while a database that is only compatible with a single language is referred to as a java database.

Is JDBC part of core Java?

Core java has the concept of Java Fundamentals, Applet, Swings,JDBC and JavaBeans.

Is JDBC advanced Java?

A standard JavaAPI for database-independent connection between the Java programming language and a wide range of databases is referred to as JDBC. The tasks that are commonly associated with database usage can be found in the JDBC library.

Which JDBC driver fully written in Java?

The Direct to Database Pure Java Driver is a database driver implementation that converts calls to a vendor specific database protocol. The type 4 drivers are platform independent because they were written in Java.

What is the difference between JDBC and JPA?

Different scripts have to be written for different databases because of the database-dependency of java. JPA is database-agnostic, meaning that the same code can be used in many different databases.

Is JDBC and SQL are same?

While JDBC provides a complete dynamic database interface from Java to databases,SQLJ fills a role for static database. It is possible to use static SQL statements in your programs.

Should I learn Hibernate or JDBC?

Complex apps are mostly considered for the use of hibernation. If an app is using a simple database that doesn’t require to migrate, or if the app is using a JDBC database. If the application requires data to be stored in database tables that don’t have to be mapped to 2 or more tables.

Should I learn JDBC or JPA?

It is thought that JPA is better suited for more advanced applications. If an application will use a simple database and we don’t plan to migrate it to a different database vendor, JDBC is the better option.

What should I learn after JDBC?

There is support for database operations in the java language. If you want to become a Java developer, you need to learn JSP and Servlet before the spring. These are server side technologies that are very easy to learn.

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