8 Best Books For Ies Preparation

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Which book is best for IES preparation?

Below is a list of the best books for Civil Engineering for General Studies and Engineering Aptitude papers.

Is IES a difficult exam?

The paper 1 and 2 of the prelims were moderate to hard. The Union Public Service Commission conducted the Engineering Services Exam in February of 2022.

How many vacancies are there in IES?

327 engineers will be recruited under four branches, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Electronics Telecommunication Engineering, mostly for government departments.

Can I crack IES in 4 months?

You can revise in four months if you know the syllabus of IES.

Which branch is easy for IES?

Civil and mechanical are the best branches for IES job. The background of the candidates makes it easy for them to crack the IES exam and get a job.

Is IES tougher than GATE?

The competition level for IES is not as easy as the GATE exam. The number of vacancies available is less than the number of candidates used to take the exam. GATE is more competitive than IES.

Is GATE necessary for IES?

The majority of the IES syllabus is GATE syllabus. You need to make sure you prepare more subjects. In GATE you must have in-depth analysis for important subjects. You can get a 95 to 98 percentile if you only prepare the subjects.

Is GATE better than IES?

The IES exam is not as challenging as GATE. You have to use multiple concepts to solve the question. Students need to spend a lot of time working on GATE questions. A single formula or concept can be used to solve most of the questions on the IES exam.

Which book is best for GS of ese?

Engineering students who want to take the prelims exam of the Union Public Service Commission will find IES Master books tailored to their needs.

How do mechanical engineers prepare for ese?

Don’t stop practicing until you become perfect. Sample papers, online tests, and previous year papers are just some of the things you can do to prepare for the exam. It is possible to learn new concepts while practicing.

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