7 Best Books For Ias Exam Preparation

Polity & International Relations Yearbook 2020: Useful for UPSC State PSC and all other exams

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SIMPLIFIED INDIAN ECONOMY for IAS and Bank Exams : Best Book for Civil Services, Bank Exams and Economics Students

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International Organizations ! Treaty ! Conferences ! Convention !: Useful for UPSC Prelims, Mains and Other Exams

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IAS Prelims 2020 Question Bank: : 500+ MCQs for UPSC Civil Services Examination: General Studies Paper-1

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IAS / IFRS Drill for Greenhorns: IAS / IFRS Drill for Beginners

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IAS / IFRS Drill for Greenhorns – orange edition

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Geography & Environment Current Affairs Yearbook 2020: Useful for UPSC PCS & Other Exams

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How many books are required for IAS?

You should invest in at least 15 to 20 standard textbooks for different subjects. At least 15 subjects are mentioned in the Prelims and Mains of the Civil Service Exam. You will need to read a lot of books to understand each topic.

Can I crack IAS by self-study?

It is possible to clear the exam without coaching. It is possible that not everyone is ‘everyone’. It depends on how efficient he/she is in studying. If you know how to study, you can clear the exam.

Is 1 year enough for IAS?

One year is enough for the preparation of an officer. If you prepare well with the right guidance and the right exam strategy, you don’t have to join coaching for the exam.

Is IAS study difficult?

It’s immense and contains a wide range of subjects, unlike other exams where you only need expertise in a few subjects. The success rate in the exam is considered to be one of the toughest in India and the world.

How many hours study IAS?

The civil services exam is very difficult. A lot of people recommend studying for at least 15 hours a day during the preparation time for the exam.

Is becoming IAS difficult?

Approximately 120 to 180 people who have secured the highest marks will get the prestigious and most desirable Indian Administrative Service post. It’s one of the toughest exams in the country for a number of reasons.

Can I crack IAS in 3 years?

If you have a good preparation, you can crack the exam. NCERT books can help clear your concepts.

Is math required for IAS?

There are two papers in the Civil Services Mains Exam, one of which is Mathematics. The Maths optional is the same as it was in the previous year. If you want to stay up to date with the current syllabus of the IAS, you need to check the notifications.

Is Ncert book enough for IAS?

Is there enough NCERT books for the job? There are NCERT books that are needed for the exam. Candidates should keep up with the current affairs by reading books.

Is Ncert enough to crack IAS?

NCERT books are the best books to start preparing for the civil service exam. NCERTs are written in a very easy to understand way. These textbooks are easy to learn and will help you understand the basics more quickly.

Is 1 year enough to prepare for IAS?

It’s more than enough for the preparation of theIAS. If you prepare well with the right guidance and the right exam strategy, you don’t have to join coaching.

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