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GST Practitioner Exam Preparation | Tax Sarthi: GST Practitioner Rule and Provision Exam Pattern and Syllabus MCQs Question

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Taxmann’s GST Practitioners’ Question Bank with Quick Exam Guide-More than 5500 MCQs – As Amended up to 27th August 2020 (4th Edition September 2020) – Sample Read

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It is Simple: Guide to GST Law Vol 1 with MCQ for CA, CS, CMA and GST Practitioners: Updated till 21.12.2021

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A Comprehensive Guide to the GST Practitioner’s Examination

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A Comprehensive Guide to the GST Practitioners Examination with MCQs (with more than 1000 MCQs)

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A Comprehensive Guide to the GST Practitioners Examination with MCQs (with more than 1000 MCQs)

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It is Simple : Guide to GST Law Vol 2 with MCQ for Practitioners, CA, CS, CMA and others: Updated till 21.12.2021

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What is the salary of GST practitioner?

For employees with less than one year of experience, the average salary in India is 2.2 lakh per year. There is a range of between 1.4 Lakhs and 2.5 Lakhs per year for the accountant.

Is GST Practitioner exam tough?

It’s not hard to register for becoming a goods and services tax (GST) practicioner, but you need to have the complete knowledge of eligibility, major conditions and registration process on the portal.

Is GST a good career?

Since almost every business is using the new tax regime, a GST certified professional can have a better chance of getting a higher paying job in various industries. A certification of the Goods and Services Tax adds to the resume of accountants and finance professionals.

Who is a GST practitioner?

There is a bridge between the registered person and the GST system. They help the taxpayers in their compliances with the tax. Rule 83 of the CGST Rules gives a list of qualified people who can act as aGST practitioners.

Is GST Seva Kendra profitable?

If you have only 15 clients in the first month, you will earn 6000 rupee, but after a year, you will have 180 clients, and you can earn more than 72000 rupee a month.

Can GST practitioner do GST audit?

The audit of the goods and services tax can’t be performed by aGST practitioners. The power to audit is only given to accountants who are in practice or employed by a firm of accountants.

Can a graduate apply for GST practitioner?

The Centre or State Authority must be used to enroll theGSTP. It is possible to apply for registration if you hold a certificate of practice.

What is GSTP exam?

Multiple choice questions are the only things that make up the exam. NACIN usually releases the results of the exam within a month from the day of the exam. The exam is done on a yearly basis. The person must have a password to log in.

How much does a GST consultant earn?

The average annual salary for a GST Consultant in India is 3.4 million dollars. There are 72 salaries that have been received fromGST Consultants.

What do you do after GST practitioner?

The person can complete various services after being authorized by the person. A confirmation must be given by the registered person when an application is submitted.

Which GST Suvidha Kendra is best?

The best gst suvidha provider in India is Effizent Seele, they provide the small business franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs.

How can I earn GST Suvidha Kendra?

You can make between 50,000 and 100,000 Rs. The centre for the facilitation of the goods and services of the state is known as the GST Suvidha Kendra. The businesses of any size can be served by any Indian citizen starting a business. The company will work towards their compliance needs in a cost-effective way.

What is gstr1?

FormGSTR-1 is a monthly Statement of Outward Supplies to be furnished by all normal and casual registered taxpayers who make outward supplies of goods and services.

Is Gstr-9 mandatory?

Every registered person is required to file the goods and services tax return.

What is form 9C?

The reconciliation statement must be furnished by a taxpayer who has a turnover greater than Rs. He filed his annual return for the financial year with 2 crore in it. It needs to be prepared and certified by an accountant.

Is CA required to give GST Practitioner exam?

There are frequently asked questions about the exam. There is a question called “Ques 1.” Enrolling with the Center or State Authority is needed for this purpose. Some people are eligible to apply for registration.

Is GST filing is easy?

If you’ve been wondering how to file the returns, it’s not that difficult. The software provided by theGSTN can be used to file it.

How many types of GST course are there?

There are twoGST courses, a certificate course, and an advanced certificate course available from the ICAI.

What is the full form of GST?

Goods and Services Tax is what it is called. Before we learn more about Goods and Sevice Tax, we should understand how taxes work in India. Tax revenue is a major source of revenue for a Government.

How do I get GST client?

If you provideGST Services website and social media pages are the best way to get clients and stay at you home.

Is GST Suvidha Kendra legal?

You can call them directly if you want to verify the authenticity of the company. It is approved by a group of people. The franchise business is provided by Pro Logic Web Solutions.

Is GST payable on franchise fees in India?

This means that franchise fees and royalty payments under a franchise agreement are subject to the Service Code (Tariff) – 998396-Trademarks and franchises, attracting 18% tax.

How do I apply for GST facilitation Centre?

After uploading the documents on a common portal using the ID and Password of the facilitation centre, a print out of acknowledgement will be provided to the tax-payer. The summary sheet will be uploaded by the Facilitation Centre after it is scanned.

How many GSP are there in India?

There are 34 Goods and Services Tax Suvidha Providers (GSPs) that have been appointed by the Government of India. Taxpayers can easily communicate with the Goods and Services Tax Network if a simple application for them is developed by theGST Suvidha Providers.

What is GSP name?

GSP is the name of the provider of the goods and services tax. It is possible for aGST taxpayer to comply with the procedural provisions of the law through its web platform. There is an online tax filing platform called ClearTax.

What is B2B in GST?

B2B is a type of transaction. The customer is eligible to take ITC if they are a registered person. Invoices from both states should be uploaded in the return.

What is Gstr 3B in GST?

The monthly self-declaration can be filed by a registered dealer with the help of the return forms. It is a simple return to make a statement about the goods and services tax. Even if there is no business activity, you have to file the Goods and Services Tax.

Who can Gstr 3B?

Everyone who has registered for the Goods and Services Tax has to fill out the form. The Central Board of Excise and Customs has introduced a simple tax return form for the month of July and August.

Who files Gstr 9 and 9C?

Every registered taxpayer of the Goods and Services Tax is required to file an annual return. The reconciliation statement to be submitted by those who register for the goods and services tax is known as theGSTR-9C. Those taxpayers who have a turnover greater than Rs will be audited. A total of 2 million dollars.

Who should not file Gstr 9?

The regular taxpayer has an annual turnover of more than Rs and is registered under the Goods and Services Tax. There is a need for 2 crore to file a tax return. Input service distributors, casual tax payers and non-resident tax payers are not required to file the tax return.

Who will file Gstr 4?

Composition dealers are required to file the GSTR-4. Unlike a normal taxpayer who has to give 3 monthly returns, a dealer opting for the composition scheme only has to give one return once in a year by the end of April.

What is Gstr 9B?

Every e- commerce operator who is required to collect tax at source under the CGST Act is required to file a yearly return. The amount collected during the financial year, as well as the details of outward supplies of goods and services, are contained in it.

Who is eligible for Gstr 9C?

Taxpayers have a turnover greater than Rs. 5crore in the previous financial year are required to file the form on their own. The change can be applied from FY 20 to 21. The form will be changed to support self-certification.

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