7 Best Books For Afcat Reasoning

Non Verbal Reasoning: Book for All Competitive Exams

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The Fallacy Detective: Thirty-Eight Lessons on How to Recognize Bad Reasoning

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Logic Puzzles for Clever Kids: Fun brain games for ages 4 & up

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Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning for Competitive Exams – SSC/ Banking/ Rlwys/ Insurance/ MBA/ BBA/ CLAT/ AFCAT

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Spelling Weekly Practice for 1st 2nd Grade: Learn to Write and Spell Essential Words Ages 6-8 | Kindergarten Workbook, 1st Grade Workbook and 2nd … … + Worksheets (Elementary Books for Kids)

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Letter Tracing for Preschoolers, Ages 3+: Writing Practice Workbook for Alphabet Early Education, Letters A-Z (Letter Tracing Practice Books)

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Christmas Letter Tracing Workbook for Kids Ages 3-5: Alphabet Writing Practice for Preschool – Kindergarten (Letter Tracing Practice Books)

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Which book is best for AFCAT numerical ability?

Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations can be referred to by candidates, as well as Data Interpretation by Disha Publication.

Which subject is best for Afcat exam?

The topics include History, Geography, Civics, Politics, Current Affairs, Environment, Basic Science, Defence, Art, Culture, Sports and so on.

Is Cracking AFCAT easy?

It is possible to easily crack the exam with proper guidance and strategy. Candidates need to refer to the NCERT books to understand the basics of the exam.

Is AFCAT interview tough?

Preparing well for the interview round is important since it is difficult. You will need to improve your leadership and reasoning skills if you want to crack the test. The article will show you how to prepare for the interview.

Is 2 months enough for AFCAT?

It is possible to crack the exam in 60 days with the right strategy and study plan.

What is the salary of AFCAT officer?

The following is a list of the five things. What is the pay scale for a Flying officer? There is an Ans. The minimum pay scale for flying officers is between Rs 56,100 to 1,77,500 Indian rupee.

How much time is sufficient for AFCAT?

Six months is all it takes to prepare for the exam. Candidates need to clear the basics of every topic.

Can I clear AFCAT in 3 months?

It’s not enough to just solve the one paper a day. Is it possible to crack the exam in 3 months? It is possible to crack the exam in 3 months, but you need to focus and stick to your time table.

Can I clear AFCAT in 15 days?

The time in which a candidate has to prepare for the written exam is very short, so everything from here needs to be in the right place.

Is AFCAT easier than NDA?

After taking all the parameters into account like eligibility, syllabus, exam pattern and level of questions, the difficulty level of the exam is considered to be less than that of the NDA.

Is Arihant AFCAT book enough?

One of the best books to prepare for the Air Force Common Admission Test is Arihant’s book. The book is based on the syllabus of the organization. It covers some additional concepts, but you can start preparing from it.

How long should I prepare for AFCAT?

Six months is all it takes to prepare for the exam. Candidates need to clear the basics of every topic.

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