6 Best Books For Aai Atc Physics

The Enceladus Crisis: Daedalus, Book 2

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Green Arrow: The Sounds of Violence (Vol. 2)

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Sidespace: Aurora Renegades Book One (Amaranthe 4)

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ATC physics part 1 (Aai ATC physics)

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atc physics part 2: short notes

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Mathematics & Physics for Airports Authority of India (AAI) Junior Executive Air Traffic Control (ATC)

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Is ATC exam easy?

The AAI Air Traffic Control paper was moderate according to the analysis. The level of questions was not easy to answer. It was easy to answer the general knowledge and general awareness questions.

What is ATC exam?

The Airport Authority of India conducts an exam for the post of Junior Executive in Air Traffic Control.

Is virtual calculator allowed in AAI ATC?

After his/her appointment to the service of AAI, he/she can be removed from service. There is a new date for 20. Calculator, Mobile phone, Pager, and other communication devices will not be allowed inside the examination centre.

Is there negative marking in AAI ATC?

There is no negative marking for incorrect answers in the AAI ATC exam. The total number of questions and duration of the AAI ATC exam are not known.

Is ATC a govt job?

The Airports Authority of India works under the Ministry of Civil Aviation in India.

Is ATC a good career?

An air traffic controller’s career is very rewarding and they enjoy many perks. You can use your problem-solving skills when you get challenging situations.

Is ATC salary good?

It’s important that ATCOs are paid enough to compensate for the stress, shift duties and affect social life. Air Traffic Management is the subject of an ATM. It is estimated that the average salary of a JE is 65000.

How many students give AAI ATC?

There were 20000 candidates that took the exam. The low attendance of candidates was caused by the fact that the BEL Entrance exam was held the same day. The exam was held in a number of places. Delhi, Chennai, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Thiruvananthapuram are some of the places.

What is voice test in AAI ATC?

Voice test is mandatory for the post of ATC as the job profile requires day to day interaction with pilots and various other ATC units. The voice test is done to make sure that the candidate has good English language skills and doesn’t stutter.

How many attempts do you get at ATC?

How many times have you tried to take the AAI JE ATC exam? There is no limit to what can be done.

How can I study for ATC?

To become an Air Traffic Controller in India, one needs an Engineering Degree in Electronics / Telecommunication / Radio Engineering / Electrical or Master’s Degree in Electronics or any discipline with electronics,telecom, radio physics, as subjects or Master’s with physics.

How is AAI ATC exam?

There will be no objective questions in the AAIJE ATC test. The test will not be done in person. There are 120 questions in the AAI JE ATC written exam. The exam will ask about English, General Aptitude, General Knowledge, Reasoning, and Mathematics.

What is the role of junior executive in AAI?

Maintenance and construction of structures and runways are some of the tasks done by an AAI Junior Executive. There are job specifications and procedures to follow.

Is AAI ATC 2021 result out?

The Airports Authority of India will release the AAI ATC Result in July.

Is there any bond in AAI ATC?

The AAI has capped its tenure at three years to avoid bond payouts. The bond will not be able to be used for any other department. There are three ATC training centers for the AAI in the state of Maharashtra.

What is the salary of junior executive in AAI?

The average Airports Authority of India Junior Executive salary is over 7 million dollars a year. The average Junior Executive salary at Airports Authority of India is 11,40,447 per year.

Does AAI recruit through gate?

The GATE will be used to apply for the AAI job. Civil (CE), Electrical (EE) and Electronics (EC) engineering graduates can apply for AAI recruitment.

Is there Normalisation in AAI ATC exam?

Normalization of marks is done for all candidates who write an exam for a particular post. The marks of students in shift with difficult question paper are usually increased in proportion to the other shift’s difficulty level.

Is AAI a government job?

The AAI is a statutory body that is owned by the government of India. Civil aviation infrastructure in India is created, upgraded, maintained and managed by it.


The merger of the International Airports Authority of India and the National Airports Authority of India resulted in the creation of the Airports Authority of India.

Can Indian ATC work anywhere in the world?

In a few months, Indian air traffic controller will be recognised all over the world as a licensed controller.

How stressful is ATC?

Air traffic controllers, who maintain the flow of aircraft in and out of airports and in flight, are key to aviation safety, and they are one of the most stressed professions. This job requires total concentration and is one of the most stressed out.

What career is the happiest?

Information technology is the most happy career sector according to the firm’s data. Doctors and teachers were among the happiest workers, because they were the ones who took the most toll.

Is being an ATC hard?

Is it difficult to become an air traffic controller? It’s very difficult to train. The training process is dependent on which facility a person is assigned to. A lot like professional baseball, many trainees hone their skills at airports that are less busy.

How many hours a day do air traffic controllers work?

Air Traffic Controllers work 8 hour shifts. They can work on station for 30 minutes up to 2 hours, but not more than that. Concentration and performance plummet after about two hours of hard work by the FAA.

Why do air traffic controllers make so much money?

Air traffic controllers are concerned with the safety of the aircrew and passengers. The lives of people, from pilots to passengers, are in their own hands. They are paid a lot because of the demands of their work and the training they have to go through.

CAN 2021 batch apply for AAI?

The interview is what leads to the selection. The last date is when interested and eligible candidates can apply.

How much do air traffic controllers earn in Kenya?

At the start of the job, an air traffic controller can make between Ksh21,476 and Ksh61,496 net per month. For a working week of 45 hours, the monthly cost is between Ksh31,316 and Ksh98,643.

How do I prepare for voice test at AAI?

Candidates were asked to read the passage from a magazine or newspaper. It is possible for candidates to prepare the same by practicing articles.

How is ATC job?

Managing the traffic in air, monitoring and managing aircraft and runways are some of the responsibilities of the Air Traffic Controller. They give the pilots information on the location, runway and altitude via radio.

How many ATC are there in India?

Air traffic control officers are responsible for the safety of hundreds of lives, expensive cargo and fleet at all times. India needs more controllers to service its growing civil aviation sector, which currently has 1, 650 controllers.

What is the salary of junior executive ATC?

AAI Jr Executive employees will be paid between 11,00,000 and 12,00,000/- annually.

How do I get my AAI ATC roll number?

Clicking on the direct link will take you to the official website of AAI where you can download the admit card. The new tab page will appear if you click on the direct link. As per the post for which you applied, you need to select the AAI JE Admit card.

Is AAI ATC job transferable?

AAI’s Transfer Policy is its own. The AAI transfer policy doesn’t guarantee that a husband and wife will be posted at the same station. Efforts are made to post husband and wife at the same station if they are working in AAI.

Is AAI bond transferable?

The AAI has capped its tenure at three years in order to escape the bond payouts. The bond will not be able to be used for any other department.

Is there any interview in AAI ATC 2021?

Candidates who are interested in applying for these posts must be aware of the selection process. The online examination and interview process are used to select the candidates.

What is the Fullform of ATC?

Air traffic control is a service provided by ground-based air traffic controllers who direct aircraft on the ground and through a given section of controlled airspace.

How do I prepare for ATC voice test?

Speak in a clear voice. There is no need to prepare anything. If you can speak English with no stuttering, then you are ready for the interview. You have to read a page with aviation phraseology written over it in order to pass the voice test.

What is in hand salary of AAI ATC?

The hand salary for AAI JE ATC is in the range of Rs. The price is 40,000/- to Rs. The experience-wise, 1,40,000/- is what it is.

What is AGC salary?

Depending on the role you are applying for, AGC’s minimum salary may be different. The minimum salary for an audiovisual engineer is 1.9 million per year, for a computer operator it is 2.1 million per year. Help the community grow. Don’t be worried. You have the option of being anonymous.

What GATE score is required for AAI?

There are 180 vacancies for the post of Junior Executive that AAI has listed. Only GATE marks scored in the year of 2020 will be valid for candidates. There is a minimum qualification required.

How many students appeared in AAI ATC?

There were 20000 candidates that took the exam. The low attendance of candidates was caused by the fact that the BEL Entrance exam was held the same day. The exam was held in a number of cities. Delhi, Chennai, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Thiruvananthapuram are some of the places.

Is there any negative marking in ATC exam?

The ATC exam is expected to be held in November or December of this year. You can expect a high cut-off this year because there won’t be an interview for this recruitment. The written exam will not have a negative marking.

What is normalized score?

There is a topic about normalized. Normalization is the adjusting of values to a common scale. There needs to be normalized in the exam. Exam for a particular post can be spread across multiple shifts with different question paper for each shift.

Can a btech graduate apply for AAI ATC?

The post of Junior Executive-ATC can be applied for by any engineering graduate regardless of their branch or stream.

Can aeronautical engineer apply for ATC?

You can’t apply for the ATC exam if you’re a B. tech in Aeronautical Engineering. An air traffic controller is referred to as ATC. The Civil ATC exam is conducted by the Airport Authority of India.

Does AAI ATC recruit every year?

Various vacancies are released by AAI every year. This article will give you more information about the vacancies. A lot of candidates are recruited by the Airports Authority of India.

Is AAI a good company to work for?

Good work ethics and an amazing company culture are some of the things that make AAI a good place to work. Everyone at the company is behind the company and gets the work done. There is a new challenge every day.

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